Watch node on synology


I am trying to get the status from a folder on my Synology NAS.
I have docker installed and inside docker I have..

  • nodered (volume1/docker/nodered)
  • frigate (volume1/docker/frigate)

Inside nodered I have this flow, where I am trying to look/watch the folder volume1/docker/frigate/media/clips with:

But when I drop a new file into the folder on my NAS, I don't get any debug/response in my flow.

What am I doing wrong, or do I need to use another node?

Can you even access those directories from within the docker image?

Try adding a small test flow...
Inject > file in> debug
... Read in a known file.

Indeed, I would expect you to have to mount the frigate volume into the node-red docker so that it is visibke

@Steve-Mcl @dceejay

Ok, how/what Node can be used to mount frigate holder?

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