How to access config file when using in docker (synology)?

Hi there!

I have setup nodered in docker on my far it works fine.
Today I noticed a warning message about the credential secret, suggesting to set my own in the config file.....but I have no clue how to modify such file inside docker inside synology ... :pensive:

Anybody has an idea ?

presumably you will have exported some volumes to ensure your data remains live if/when you rebuild the Docker container.

This would usually be part of the startup script for the container - you will need to dig into the synology logs to see what command is starting NR and what the commandline options are


Like @craigcurtin states, you need to have either a volume or a local mountpoint.

From the commandline create a folder eg: mkdir -p /volume1/docker/node-red
From the syno docker UI, stop the container, edit, add a volume:
file/folder: /volume1/docker/node-red, mount point: /data

Restart the container. Now the flows.json and settings.js and all additional installed nodes will end up on your local filesystem (/volume1/docker/node-red).

Did you mean something like this ?

it crashes the docker....

Is there any specific owner to use for the /volume1/docker/node-red folder ?

Please read my comment again and look at your screenshot.

Hi, do you found a solution?

Happend to have the same problem,
/volume1/docker/node-red as path shows up in the UI as docker/node-red, there is no way to see the volume1 in the path, but it refers to the correct folder. As mentioned above, it is a rights problem.
Docker itself runs as root, but the docker container runs as UID 1000, no name connected. Either I could give full rights 777 to the folder or, what I have done and does work, I went into ssh and changed the owner to the UID of the container:
chown 1000 /node-red
and it works


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