How to detect a mounted share folder is still connected


Is there a way for node red to detect if the mounted share folder is disconnected.

The folder is mounted to a linux based device CIFS-Install which has node red installed in it

When I use the read file node,it doesnt seem to give any error. Is there a way to monitor. The mounted share folder maybe empty but I still want to know if the folder is still connected.

Thank you

The way i usually do it - is to have the mount point have a file in there named UNMOUNTED

If the CIFS folder is not mounted then this file will exist on the local (NR) filesystem

Once i mount the CIFS folder into that location it will no longer see that UnMounted file

You can also extend if further by having a file called MOUNTED in the CIFS share - so when it is succesfully mounted this file will exist to NR



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