Troubleshooting Dashboard 2.0 using Vue.js devtools

In trying to get a better understanding of issues I am troubleshooting in Dashboard 2.0 I have tried to install and use Vue.js devtools. When I try to use them I get Vue.js is detected on this page.
Devtools inspection is not available because it's in production mode or explicitly disabled by the author.

Is this intended or is there some configuration I need to do to make the tool operate. Thanks

Do I need to build from github to make this work .... Thanks

It seems that is necessary to locally compile and install that version in order to use that.

With a local version, compiled in development mode npm run build:dev it is possible to use that extension.

Check the instructions to install locally -> Contributing | Node-RED Dashboard 2.0 (

And is necessary to build in development mode, if using windows in the command line execute $env:NODE_ENV="development" before calling npm run build.

I know @Steve-Mcl was, at one point, looking at adding Vue support to the in-built Monaco editor, which would help here massively

In the mean time, @arturv2000 is correct. Our published release to npm is a compiled/built package (more memory efficient when deployed to a Dashboard). So, to access the dev tools, etc, you would need to have a local copy of the Dashbowrd and run it in "dev mode"