Uibuilder how to switch between production and development mode in vueJS

The title basically describes my problem. I don't know how to switch between production and development environment.

Thx for your help

If you're using Vue I would very highly recommend setting up a conventional vue development environment with vue-cli and using that to serve-up your UI. You get hot-reload and good integration with the vue devtools browser plugin. Then you can run build to produce a production build and place that into the node-red static file area or in the uibuilder directory.

Hi Max, this is a Node.js standard convention, you simply set an appropriate environment variable before starting Node-RED.

Node.js, the difference between development and production (nodejs.dev)

Sorry, I have to somewhat disagree here. This is only worth-while for complex apps. For anything simple you are much better off without all of that. Especially now that uibuilder has some hot-reload built in.

Even for complex apps I personally wouldn't use vue-cli but would create a proper build workflow using whatever build tool you are familiar with (e.g. Webpack, Snowpack, Parcel, etc).

to each their own...

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