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Does anyone have experience adding a Vue Cli structure to uibuilder, or do i need to use the traditonal way ?

Seems to be a duplicate question?

You can use the cli if you like but you need to understand the uibuilder folder structure. Deploy a uibuilder node and then look at the folders it creates. As long as you stick with the ~/.node-red//uibuilder/<url>/ folder structure and put your source code in the src folder and/or your "built" code into the dist sub folder, it will all work.

If you like, you could create a completely separate folder structure for your source code as long as the built code ends up in either of the two sub-folders, everything should work just fine. Either configure webpack to build to the correct dist sub-folder or replace that folder with a soft-link to the output folder of your webpack script. Lots of choice.

Have a look at this example, it's my first version but just to get an idea:

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