Try Serial Communication with Function Node in Node-RED MCU

Hello, I'm new here.

Recently I wrote an article in then @phoddie encouraged me to share it for this forum.

here is the English version of the article, hope someone enjoy it.
(press :heart: if you like it. :blush:)

I wondered where to post this kind of contents but it seems start with here would be good? Since I'm new, please let me know if there is more appropriate place.

Thank you,


This is a great example of using Function Nodes to quickly integrate new capabilities on a microcontroller. Thanks for sharing.

This may be interesting to @shrickus and @ralphwetzel.

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Welcome to the community -- and thank you for sharing your sharing your experiences!

It is definitely interesting the way you bridged the javascript running in node-red with the mcu libraries -- I don't think I would have made that connection... so I will be experimenting with that next.

SInce I'm new to mcu programming (but old w.r.t node-red and js), does anyone have any good resources for learning what is possible/available to run on the ESP-32?


Thank you for replying.
yes, it was a bit tricky, but it worked (with help from @phoddie).
I am glad if this could be of help for your project.

If you are looking for a resource for ESP32 development, how about this book @phoddie wrote?
This is not specifically for Node-RED MCU but is a development guide for the Moddable SDK that runs inside of Node-RED MCU. It is well-maintained on GitHub.

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My copy (and the Moddable 2 mcu) are on their way...

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Great! Have fun! :blush:

I forgot to mention that 'Moddable Two' can also be used with Node-red-mcu, where dashboard functionality is also available. Given your experience in JavaScript, you might also find the native Moddable SDK interesting. Both options have their merits. :+1:

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