Trying to get Alexa to speak a flow variable via a change node

I am using Alexa to speak a message with a variable. This (in a change node as a expression) for example works:

"your weatherstation is reporting a temperature of " & msg.payload.value & " degrees"

Now I am trying to get her to speak a message with a flow variable (which in this case has a value of 37.4)

"your hot water has reached a temperature of" & hwtemp & " degrees"

She speaks the message, but without the 37.4, so just

your hot water has reached a temperature of degrees

You do not need the change node as you can use JSONata expressions in the alexa remote routine node

Good to know, in my case I use link in/out to link to a routine node from various flows, so I have to use a change node unless I have multiple alexa routine nodes. Not sure what the better way is
But changing my jsonata to your expression worked

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