Trying to scrape dynamic HTML

Hello everyone

I´m new with Node-Red and HTML. I´m trying to obtein consumption data from this web

I read some topics here in the forum and I´m awared that one solution is to find the URL where the data is stored, but I´m incappable to find it after spending a lot of time using the inspector

Thank you in advance

Unfortunately that link is just for a login page, so without credentials nobody can see what the page looks like.

But do NOT share any login information!! :grinning:

Try to find out if the company offers an API to access the data.

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Thanks for answering!!!
I guess I will ask the company if I can access the data

However, until they answer I will continue to try. I found this URL in the JavaScript code and I think this is the data source${_}/installations

The problem is that this URL seems to not exist. I think that I must complete the "${_}" with something

I found in the code something about "firebase config", maybe this can help

firebaseConfig: {
apiKey: "AIzaSyBPWYf-KpXk0wjY6YM6rkk28xg9cNiZUn0",
authDomain: "",
projectId: "mipowen-ca740",
storageBucket: "",
messagingSenderId: "217385627787",
appId: "1:217385627787:web:5652ef5c81bc864b38e48e",
measurementId: "G-JM073Q7HWC",
vapidKey: "BHet0YI94-5pS4IPf1_7XWkAFFdn4DOqRFbcPbX_QpDZevbArhvhmtR8upGLcUW72hNQ-lgDKfTkf-xm8hnHXOU"

But do NOT share any login information!!

and yet you posted your api access keys. Make sure to change the api keys now.

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