Turn the output after some time for few seconds

Hi I want to turn the output of my arduino after some time like 12 hours and it will on for few seconds like 10 sec after that it will off only if the input switch is on.
if switch goes off all process are off.

again after 12 hours it will continue this process.

Can i have that type of node or how can i do this?

Try the inject and the trigger node

The trigger node will send one message wait for a time you can set and then send another message

Thanks it is working on that but what if my input is coming from a switch
If i turn on the switch

after 12 hours it will on the output for 10 sec and repetitive.

and if turn off the switch it will off all.

I'm sending 1 or 0 from blynk as an input and after that I change it to 1-->0 so it goes directly to the invert node
where it invert the signal into 0-->1 so my output goes on and also the it same reverse it to the timer node where it will run for 10sec or 12 hour after that that input ("1") again come to invert node and it will change it to ("0") so the output goes of off and again the same output goes to timer where it will run for define time

but here it the problem the input from blynk to the invert node is not cause to run the output.

the inject node ("0") it is working but this blynk not working what is the problem here am i doing wrong?

Put a debug node on the output of the Blynk node and on the output of the inject and check the values look exactly the same. Watch for things like one being a string and one being a number.


from blynk 1 and from inject 0

I got this values as a string but when i connect the inject into invert its work, not the blynk write.

If i set debug node as complete msg object it will show this.

But I think this is not the cause for this.

Show us the flow you used to get those and give the debug nodes names so we can confirm which is which. Make sure there is a debug node showing what is going into the Invert.

I got the solution as i installed the node-red-contrib-boolean-logic-ultimate
which is working good on the direct inputs.
Thanks for replying @Colin