Tuya device integration without HA


How do i change the status of a tuya device?
I got the node-red-contrib-tuya-smart-device palet.
I have the device connedted! I can debug device data (If i use the switch on my app i get the respons:

But every value i like to send i get the response (red):

The commands I tried are:
"data": {
"dps": {
"1": true
"t": 1677775053
"deviceId": "bf0da80e03de8d0136glqn",
"deviceName": "test"
"code": "switch_1",
"value": true

What am i doing wrong ?

Thx in advance

All you need to send is

msg.payload = {"dps":"1","set":false}
msg.payload = {"dps":"1","set":true}
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