Twitter alternative

I'm looking for some ideas.

I'm using node red in a greenhouse setting. Yesterday I integrated a webcam and I thought it would be cool to publish a feed on twitter for it. I wanted to use it to check up on my data etc. when I am not at home or have access to my dashboard. Output to twitter allows me to do this without opening up my node red to the internet. So Installed the twitter node etc.. But turns out I need a developer account for twitter, which requires actual info and phone number and so on. I don't really feel like signing up for twitter with a legit account though.

Do you guys have any idea what I could use instead? Would like to publish maybe a few messages/pics a day.


example: Taking a picture and sending it via telegram - #4 by Steve-Mcl

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I use PushOver, it's awesome

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pushover looks pretty good. But it only works one way right?

Telegram is free and (IMO) much more capable & there are a lot of users on the fourm to help you out.

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