Twitter integration discord


I have a very simple flow that allows me to send tweets from users I follow into a discord channel.
( I use node-red-node-twitter's tweeter in and node-red-node-discord's send message nodes )

The thing is that the tweets images are really tiny, smaller than I intended, (I trust it is because my flow outputs the tiny url and not the big version of a twitter link ).

So I tried to change the twitter node ( edit the .js file ) so that it would output the full url, but when I do, the twitter palette won't launch.

Is there no way to edit an online palette ?
Do I need to create a new modified twitter palette for my purposes ?
Is there a better way to display the images as I intend to ( normal size for a discord channel ) than to tinker with tweeter node ? ( maybe discord node )

I'm not really into programming languages so the probability of me having done something wrong is quite high really.

Thank you for your time and patience.

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