Twitter node time out

I have created a twitter send dm loop from a database
So if send is 0 then send the dm and if send is succesfull then set send to 1
But how can i get a succesfull send reply form the twiter node?
Fist i thought just set the send to 1 if it is fired, but then i got the time out :frowning:
Any tips to solve this?? or how to get a confirmation that the message is send.

I think we set the status of the node when we send a message - or maybe clear it when sent - either way a status node should be able to grab i and see.

I thought about that but then i only catch "send" and not the id of the message.
Will try if i can fix something with that. thanks!

It works. Saved the id and recall it after succes :wink:

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