Twitter out result output

It would be nice to have the output pin from "Twitter Out" node, just to capture the response from Twitter API for further processing.

what further processing ? if there is an error it will be reported and can be caught by the catch node.

Yes, that's correct.
I have a flow, however, where one message is sent to several endpoints, Twitter is one of them. So I am using http endpoint to send the data to Node-Red, the data is split into few paths, and I wait for results (using join-wait node) to combine all the results and send the combined status back to the calling application.
But how do do that with the Twitter-Out? On error, I have a message to pass back, but on success? Twitter-Out is a dead end. I simply need a confirmation the operation went well for my aggregation to work.

Nodes can implement the done call which can then be picked up by the complete node. But it is a relatively new feature and not all older nodes implement it.

Does it give a status output on completion?

The node does not update status on a successful update.

The fix will be to update the node to support the Complete node as @dceejay described - its the whole reason the Complete node was introduced.

Twitter out node? No, it does not, that's the problem.

What I meant Twitter node does not work with the Complete node yet.
Anyway, thank you very much for your support so far.

One more thing that is quite important is to get the reply from Twitter - to obtain the tweet id.

Are you sure there is no status output on completion? Looking at the code it appears to set the status to tweeting when it starts sending and clears it (or sets it to the error state) on completion. So you should be able to use that fact that it goes to tweeting and then back to clear to indicate successful completion.

Tried to set up a 'Complete' node, but definitely it does not work. Twitter node v 1.1.6

No, we knew that, you just have to look at the code to see that it is not implemented. The Status method I suggested should work I think.

OK, so I used a 'status' node finally. Succes is when msg.status.text == null and there is no msg.error property. If a better condition can be set up, please let me know.

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It might be advisable I think to check that it goes to the tweeting state first, otherwise you might get a false event.

This is what I do, checking states one by one. Pretty ugly solution, however.

Certainly. A better one would be to submit a PR adding the Complete feature to the node :slight_smile:

Ok, will do.

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