typedInput - Missing after choosing other type

I added a node with input with typedInput. Initially, the type dropdown is showing but upon changing the type, it will be gone in the UI.

Hi. You will need to provide code snippets and screenshots for us to be able to assist.

Here is the code

  <div class="form-row set-input-size is-batch-code">
    <label for="node-input-Item"><i class="fa fa-th"></i> Item</label>
    <input type="text" id="node-input-Item" placeholder="Item goes here...">
    <input type="hidden" id="node-input-Item-type">
   // Script
        default: node.objItemType || 'str',
        types: [
          'msg', 'flow', 'global', 'str', 'num', 'bool', 
          'json', 'bin', 're', 'date'
        typeField: '#node-input-Item-type'

initial output

after changing the type (changed to number)

That HTML and JS, by itself, looks fine.

Do you have a repository where this code is so i can see where abouts the JS runs (in relation to the rest of the code)? For example, are you raising events or rebuilding the typedInput when you change type?

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