TypeError: Cannot create property '_id' on number

i'm not very confident to Node-Red. I'm trying to save my date at mongodb, but i get this Type Error:2020-05-04 13_06_39-Node-RED
This is my flow:

Could it be possible, that i convert something wrong? Or do you have any ideas?

Connect debug node to nodes leading up to the save node. Inspect the messages. Are they as expected?

Its pretty difficult to help if we can't see what the data is or what happens in your nodes.

This flow should only increment or decrement numbers by pushing the inject node. The counter counts either up or down one number. This numbers should be stored in the mongodb.

Not really of any use TBH - what should happen and what does happen are 2 different things. Verify whats happening by doing this...

if you dont look at what GOES INTO the save node - how can you be sure you are sending the right thing?

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