Ui Builder - eCharts get zoom position

Hi, can anyone help me how could I take the current position of the slider zoom in eCharts and send it via uibuilder.send(). I think it needed to add custom js function that will wait for slider movement etc..

Thank you in advance


I don;t use eCharts so can't give you specifics. However, I assume that it has some kind of change notification event? If so, all you need to do is have a method (function) attached to that event that does a uibuilder.send.

Thank you. My problem is that I am not sure how to build this method in Vue.

I found a solution - add this in the template


and this in index.js in methods:

updateZoom(e) {

Have you tried replacing that js code with:

updateZoom(e) {
       uibuilder.send( {topic:'ooh/I/came/from/the/browser', payload: e} );

attach a debug node to the top output of your uibuilder node and see what is output to the debug panel.

Yes. It works perfectly. Thank you!

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