Getting third party vue template working in UIbuilder

I've just started playing with UIbuilder and have a couple of newbie questions that I hope someone can give me some advice on.

  1. Third party templates - eg: Free Vue.js Admin Template · CoreUI for Vue.js
    Is there any advice on getting something like this working in UIbuilder? I've added the @coreui/vue package in the UIbuilder library manager and put the directory structure inside the UIBuilder folder but the file locations used are quite different.

  2. Passing data into UIbuilder dashboard
    Maybe I'm just missing something (or more likely not really understanding vue) but what's the best way to bind data that is being modified outside of the dashboard created with UIbuilder? I have sensors that get read and updated in other flows. Is the best practice to send a message into the uibuilder node and use the onChange function to map this to a local variable that is v-bind'ed (v-bound?) to a component?

I've got this working but it seems like the onChange function could end up looking like a big switch statement to deal with different messages.

Thanks for all the great work on uibuilder.

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