Ui builder control messages

Hi everyone,
I am moving to uibuilder to build dashboards, but I can't understand how the control messages are passed.
I am using this flow debug example by injecting a msg object built like this:

uibuilderCtrl: "test",
topic: "test"

In the debug windows I can't see nothing, what am I doing wrong?
thank you!

Have you replaced the default template code (index.html/index.js/index.css) with the code provided in the comment nodes?

When you add an example uibuilder flow, because of the way that uibuilder works with actual files for the front-end code, you only get the default template files. You have to then edit the code and replace it with the examples given in the comments. You can, of course, edit those files using the built-in editor.

Yes I added the files in the comments and I have also enabled the console.info, but with no luck.

And where are you looking for the output - it goes to the uibuilder URL you specify in the node and not the Node-RED debug sidebar.

I am looking ad the console output of the chrome browser.

Sorry, I've been wrapped up with COVID support work, not had much energy left over for anything else I'm afraid.

Can I suggest that you post your example flow.

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