Uibuilder template doesn't work

Hi fellas,

sorry if my question was already asked. But i couldn't find anything regarding my issue.

I'm running node-red in a docker and I wanted to build my own custom dashboard without using the common buttons and input nodes. Therefore I've installed the uibuilder. The template I choosed is
VueJS and bootstrap-vue

I've installed the following libraries

  1. [bootstrap], 4.6.1
    URL to use: "../uibuilder/vendor/bootstrap/dist/js/bootstrap.js"

  2. [bootstrap-vue], 2.22.0
    URL to use: "../uibuilder/vendor/bootstrap-vue/./dist/bootstrap-vue.common.js"

  3. [cloak], 1.0.0
    URL to use: "../uibuilder/vendor/cloak/index.js"

  4. [svelte], 3.48.0
    URL to use: ../uibuilder/vendor/svelte/index

  5. [vue], 3.2.37
    URL to use: ../uibuilder/vendor/vue/dist/vue.global.js

But if I try to load the dashboard example its showing nothing, just a empty site.
If I comment out the [v-cloak] { display: none; } in the index.css it seems to work, but anyway it shows than everywhere the msg-input field {{msg....}}

My guess is, that this has something to do with the index.js can not be loaded?
Someone faced that issue too?

You don't need that, it is a different framework.

Bootstrap-vue only works with vue v2. You can install that via uibuilder's library tab, simply add a new entry for vue@2 and it will replace Vue v3.

You also don't actually need to install bootstrap since bootstrap-vue does that for you. But it doesn't harm anything.


Thanks for the fast reply! I just installed the vue v2 and dropped the other libraries. It works now!
Love it. Thanks for your time and help! :slight_smile:

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