Uibuilder "vue is not defined"

Hello there!

I try to follow the first-timers walktrough of the uibuilder but it only displays a blank page and I get the following error messages inside the console of my browser:

What I did:

  1. started a new instance of Node-RED in Docker

  2. installed uibuilder

  3. made the sample flow inject -> uibuilder -> debug

  4. initialised the uibuilder-node with the url uibtest

  5. deploy

  6. successfully installed the libraries vue and bootstrap-vue inside the uibuilder panel

  7. changed the template to VueJS & bootstrap-vue

  8. Load & Overwrite files

So, it should display a sample page with vue or am I missing something?

This is another example of the VueJS's project causing us all problems. They prematurely switched the default version from v2 to v3. Vue v3 has significant changes which means that it takes a long time for other projects such as bootstrap-vue to be able to catch up.

To get round the problem, you will need to simply click the add button in the libraries tab and put in "vue@2" then click install. The Vue v3 install that you currently have will be replaced by Vue v2 and everything should work.

I missed the part of the walkthrough that needed the instruction changing. It will be corrected in the uibuilder v6.2 release.

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