Adding uibuilder to Vue Admin Template

I found this nice Vue admin template, I was wonder how can I add a few uibuilder pages to this template ...

You will see from the github README that it requires a build stage. This is perfectly possible to do and the WIKI has some basic instructions.


Or should I create multiple uibuilder nodes for buttons, status n events and link them together using link or other means ???

Nope, no need for that. Really, the uibuilder node controls a folder of front-end code plus a dedicated socket. Well, there's managing the web server as well of course and some API's.

The right way to do it is to have a link-in node attached to your uibuilder flow and then use as many link-out nodes as you like to send data to it.

Unlike Dashboard, you build your front-end code (buttons, etc) as front-end code, you don't typically send it from the server - though there is a little facility for that but personally, I don't recommend it. Instead leverage the capabilities of npm packages to package up components and use uibuilder's package management feature to install them. That way they are made available via the web server and you get to decide whether you want to include them in a page.

I'm currently trying to find time to build an example with some useful nodes in it such as the SVG bulb component I've previously posted about in this forum. Sadly, time seems to be accelerating away from me at the moment! If you want to see how far I've got so far, have a look on my GitHub.