Uibuilder question

Can i use some server side programming languages (php,node.js) in the uibuilder node somehow?

Uibuilber presents html/js/CSS to the browser.

The browser communicates to uibuilber & node-red which is server side node js.

So yes, you can do server side operations in node-red using server-side JavaScript in node js

thanks a lot

Just to be clear. With uibuilder, you create your interface and front-end logic in your front-end code (html, javascript, css and any front-end framework such as VueJS, REACT, etc).

Then you send DATA to that front-end from Node-RED and can return DATA back again.

You use logic in Node-RED flows to control the sending of data and processing any returned data.

So you are getting the best of both worlds.

However, this is significantly different to the traditional way of working with PHP and similar server-side tooling where you create your user interface at the server rather than processing everything in the client.

Now, you can certainly create web pages in the back-end using Node-RED but this is not currently what uibuilder will do for you.

There are ways of doing that server-side processing with uibuilder but that is a separate topic.

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