Uibulder version V2.03

i am trying to find where i put variables in index .js

in previous versions it was put in:
const app = new vue({
el: '#app,
data() {return :
usertemp: 0 ,
}}, // --- end of data --- //

but unable to find this section in the new uibuilder

Any help to do this would be appreciated

Are you looking at the right template?

The default template is now a blank one. To change templates, add the uibuilder node to your flow, set the URL as you want it and then deploy.

Then go back into the editor panel and click on the Templates title and choose an appropriate template. Hit the load button noting the warnings that this will completey replace any existing code (so back it up first if you want to keep it).

You will probably want one of the VueJS templates given your description.

thanks i will try that

hi again :slight_smile:

everything looks ok now but when i run my uibuilder set up it displays on the webpage correctly but is receiving no input from node-red and still says Node initialised under the node and not connected 1 as the others do?

Firstly check the dev tools console to see if there are any errors. You might need to share some code if that doesn't show anything obvious.

ok thanks will check tomorrow

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