Ui control empty payload refreshes all sessions

Is it normal operation that an empty payload refreshes ALL sessions even if it has a socket id ?

payload: ""
socketid: "Nkflidq9yLTqULbUAAJb"

Your question is a bit vague, what without any context of what you are doing and the results expected... and while I admit I am still a bit baffled as to what the ui_control node really does... the HELP info implies that the socketid may not be what you think it is; As in it is a (presumably) random number that changes and not a specific ID that indicates a preferential choice of action.


Just a guess of an answer to a guessed meaning of a question :innocent:

I was expecting that only the client that is referenced by the socketid would be refreshed.

I can guess that you may be referring to some form of websocket or HTTP node, etc, but what client? Referenced from what source? What let you to expect this result? And since the ui_node is dashboard related, what is happening or expected to happen to whatever you have going on there?

My curious responding helps keep your topic current, but without more clarity you may not get any informed answers and/or alternate solutions from the forum.

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Yes that is the behaviour.

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Thanks for the replies.

Basically I wanted to know if it was possible to only refresh the browser session that sent the message to UI control node.

If it is normal that all open sessions are refreshed then that’s fair enough.

If you tell it to jump to the tab it is already on (with the actual number or name of the tab) then I think it should only go to that session.

I tried your suggestion, but it doesn't look like it does an actual refresh, if using browsers refresh you can see it redraw the page, jumping to same tab doesn't seem to actually do anything though.

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