UI_Control node question

I have a list of buttons on my dashboard, and after selecting one, I want to reset my page back to the top. It looks like UI_Control Node is what I want, but no matter what I put into the mag.payload, nothing happens

My current tab is the 29th (from zero), named "Game".

My msg.payload has no effect. I've tried:


I even tried going to a different tab, #6 named "Weather". No effect.
So, what am I missing?



Isn't the ui_control node supposed to control jumps to different pages in the dashboard??? You are mentioning tabs like in the editor. Are you trying to jump between tabs in the editor?

When the node information says "Tab Name" or number from zero, I have to assume it means the editor tab.

From the node help: The format should be like

You could try {"tab":"Game"}

Well,,,the ui_control node is part of the dashboard nodes

"Well,,,the ui_control node is part of the dashboard nodes"

Even if tru, I still can't go anywhere. Nothing makes any difference.
I was hopeful that I misread the node info and I did try


Those are also the tab names in the Dashboard page of the editor.

And neither did anything.

Then I do not know what could be the problem. I have used the ui control node since long and it has always been working. I just use a single string with the name of the group the "tab" has

I assume you use the Group name in the calls?

In this example, I send the string "Video" to my ui control node, this will bring the page/tab "Video" in front

Thank you- I sort of have it working. I can go-to any page now. My mistake was sending {"tab":"Game"} as a string, not as a JSON object. Mystery solved.

But not my initial problem where I want to go to the top of the current page.

I have a workaround that seems to work. I first go to another page, then back to my current page:

Clever! I guess it has to be re-triggered like that to be fully "refreshed", i.e. "got to top" so to say

The best laid plans...
I have a new problem. I can't leave the page. I click on the hamburger menu to go to another page in my dashboard, and I am instantly brought back to my Game page.

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