Ui_control parameters for a line plot

I am trying to modify a simple line plot with the msg.ui_control variable.
However I am not sure which parameters are allowed.

  1. If I follow the table here I got basically the same parameters as in the ui_chart widget itself.
  2. If I try some more extended setting parameters according to the chartjs documentation most of the settings there are not working. for example a function like this:
msg.payload = [{"series": series, "data": jsondata, "labels": labels}];  
msg.ui_control = {
    options: {
    scales: {
        yAxes: {
            ticks: { max: 10 }
msg.ui_control.options.scales.yAxes.ticks.min = 0;

return msg;

shows an empty plot when used as an input to a ui_chart node. Are the chart.js parameters not valid here?


I'm using that as well, see:

Try using strings in your object

Thanks for the hint! I placed the keywords in quotes (which should be obsolete for a JSON string) and now the plot reappears with the default axes ticks. Looks like the complete msg.ui_control is ignored.. :roll_eyes:

The yAxes in your first post should be an array, see here Cartesian · Chart.js documentation

Edit: I tried with your code above (array "[...]" added), and it doesn't work. To make it work I had to add some x axis configuration

            xAxes: [{
                type: 'time',

That worked

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You are a hero :grinning: Indeed this works. Apparently you need a complete description of all axes.

Thanks a lot!

You're welcome :smiley:

In my case I only cusomize my x-axis. So it seems you can modify your x-axis without using the y-axis, but you cannot modify the y-axis without the x-axis. Maybe - in contrast to my example above - an empty object is enough? I didn't test it...

It might test a little further but for now I am happy to have a line plot which displays correctly (and controlled) on my 8y old iPad as well as my latest PC. Not trivial considering all the issues with javasscript framework versions..

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