I have for example 3 (ui_controll_tabel) in UI Tabel two questions.
Can the symbols under the column Mode be displayed in a different color
i try to pass different color to "legendColor". If I give "legendColor": "#FF0040" as a fixed value, then I can influence the color .Transfers fail with a variable and everything always appears in black.
Can anyone here tell me how I can pass these points from ui_control?

Example 3


nobody has an idea or some help?
Does anyone have any examples or more detailed manuals / descriptions?

Sorry currently I have very limited time - too many projects at the same time, not enough sleep.
Tabulator the underlying library is well documented. Ui-table only uses a fraction of this when you config by the editor UI. Ui-control enables most of tabulators functionality.
To your problem, Yes it should be possible to give icons a color.
I think you have to write your own formatter callback function. The data to select the color dynamically should be in the tabledata even if the column is hidden.