UI drop down to show more items

Hi all,

I have create a drop down in the ui which works fine on the desktop and phone.
but i am now trying to load the dashboard on a 800x600 touch screen panel.
I have 10 items in a drop down and when you select the drop down in the UI only the first 5 items show up. then there is a little slider to scroll down to the rest of the items.

but on the 800x600 touch panel it is not as easy to use the slider to scroll down due to its thickness + the thickness of the finger. is there a way to either show more items in in the drop down once you open it up or make the slider wider so you can get your finger to swipe cleaner?

1 on the pic is if we can make more items show
2 is if we can make the slider wider.


which version of dashboard is this ?
which device and browser version ?


dashboard version is 2.19.4
the browser on the 800x600 screen is firefox 68.4.lesr which is running on a Debian on armv71 cpu.

i see there is an updated dashboard available i can update to the newest version

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