UI Editor width overlap after 30 and compressing all group in singe line

As seen below, every next group is add editor place it inline with previous one.
Alsoe after modifying group2 size more than 30 its overlapping to adjucent one

After width set to more than 30

is there any setting which will make this group editing vertical instead horizontal

Nodered 2.2.1: Maintenance Release
node-red-dashboard 3.1.5

A new version of the dashboard (3.1.6) was released the other day. Please update and see if the problem still occurs.

Hi @zenofmud ,
Ater updating dashboard to 3.1.6 it's still problamtic.
Is there any method to arrange editor window to verticle

Remember the dashboard is dynamic. If you make the window narrower, things will move.

If you want all the items in one column, then you need to put them all in the same tab.

You might find this helpful: node-red-dashboard (node) - Node-RED

adding all items into one column makes management hard.
layout sould have verticle alignment to ease ui layout easily.

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