Unwanted vertical form scroll overlows in dashboard

It seems form always not take enough vertical space for buttons, which makes it be scrollable always. I believe there is easy fix for the problem, but can't find one:

node-red-dashboard 3.6.5

flow code
        "id": "85948633c9a72659",
        "type": "ui_form",
        "z": "01a26f8d8a80b5d1",
        "name": "",
        "label": "List job stack",
        "group": "f90f0d6464f09626",
        "order": 12,
        "width": "19",
        "height": "11",
        "options": [
                "label": "job id",
                "value": "job_id",
                "type": "text",
                "required": true,
                "rows": null
                "label": "",
                "value": "none",
                "type": "switch",
                "required": false,
                "rows": null
        "formValue": {
            "job_id": "",
            "none": false
        "payload": "",
        "submit": "submit",
        "cancel": "cancel",
        "topic": "topic",
        "topicType": "msg",
        "splitLayout": false,
        "className": "",
        "x": 550,
        "y": 1240,
        "wires": [
        "id": "f90f0d6464f09626",
        "type": "ui_group",
        "name": "debug",
        "tab": "e403bd3f2634e2ef",
        "order": 1,
        "disp": false,
        "width": "27",
        "collapse": false,
        "className": ""
        "id": "e403bd3f2634e2ef",
        "type": "ui_tab",
        "name": "debug",
        "icon": "dashboard",
        "disabled": false,
        "hidden": false

fixed.. just changed layout cell size to bigger

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