UI-Multistate-Switch is doing my head in!


I use Barts and HotNiPis excellent multstte switch a lot - but i nearly always end up with Dashboard alignment issues - in particular once this is introduced onto a dashboard page i seem to end up with various blocks of text/groups being hidden behind others.

I can usually solve this by dragging things around until i find a comfortable layout - but not this time

Wondering is there a sane way to attack this ?

NR 2.2.2 Dashboard 3.1.6 - Ubuntu 20.04 on a VM

I have tried this from Chrome, Firefox and Edge


As far I know, it can happen if you make many many groups having different sizes. And the actual content of the group doesn't matter at all. The underlying grid system just fails to calculate positions for things at some point.
You may test it by temporarily replace the multistate switch with something else but keep the sizes.

Indeed - it's nothing to do with the multistate switch... just the layout calculations failing when there are lots of different width groups.

Ok thanks - this is the only control that i have that seems to overlap others though.

When you say many many groups - i have something like 10 groups on this page

@hotNipi - i will test temporarily replacing it with another and let you know the outcome


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