Ui_spacer notice on deploy

I was using the Dashboard layout editor (only my 2nd time) and 2 things happened; i) the layout manager placed a ton (like 25) of unnecessary spacer 1x1 in the layout (as shown in debug), so I removed them (actual UI layout is still fine) and; ii) I keep getting the following notice every time I deploy. I have looked (I believe) everywhere (debug layout) and I cannot find these errant spacers that keep driving the notice.

dceejay, any suggestions on how best to track this down?
spacer error

Have you searched for them using the main search dialog (Ctrl-F)?

They should be listed in the Configuration Nodes sidebar in the editor (not the Dashboard sidebar).

Never thought to look there. And yes, there they were. I removed them and the notice has disappeared. Thanks so much Nick.

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I faced the same problem after I updated to Node-RED 2.2.0. Each time I deployed I got the warning that I had 403 nodes not properly configured. I found out that the problem was with the ui_spacer nodes. I got 187 ui_spacer configuration nodes within a flow that dont even use dashboard nodes. After I disabled all 403 ui_spacer nodes problem was gone.

Is there a way to delete all these 403 ui_spacer nodes without doubleclick everyone of them in the sidebar and delete them from there?

  • Open config tab

  • Select unused

  • Select one of them

  • [Keyboard] Ctrl + a to select all.

  • [Keyboard] Delete

Thanks for the reply, hotNipi!

I'm not sure what the problem is with my ui_spacer nodes. It seems like I have no unused nodes. Or a lot of hidden nodes?


My dashboard works fine but if I change one thing on my dashboard I get a new warning with nodes that are not properly configured.

If I select the Info tab and select the flow containing the spacer nodes I'm not able to delete all from there.

I never seen this behaviour before :thinking:

Does anyone know if this was fixed in 2.2.1 released today? I did not see it on the change log and have been holding off upgrading because of this.

It should be...

Fix node validation to be applied to config node (#3397)

Please test and let everyone know.

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There is also a PR in for the Dashboard project also. Currently not quite released to npm yet.

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