Ui_spacer node deploy error (NR v 2.2.2)

Hello - I recently upgraded to 2.2.2 (from v 1.3.x) and I am getting an error/warning message when I deploy. Everything seems to work correctly though.

I did look at this thread but I could not find a solution other than it was corrected in 2.2.1.

Also, my issue seems to be slightly different in that I am getting the message for only ONE ui_spacer node.

This is my list of spacer nodes:

When I search for the node by name, I can see only 1 instance of it in the configuration and I cannot trace it to a dashboard tab layout (I know it's there somewhere, I just can't find it). Any ideas on how to correct this (or track down where the problematic node is in the dashboard layout)?

NR - v2.2.2
OS - Raspbian GNU/Linux Buster (10)
Node - v14.15.5

Thanks for your help.

I deleted the ui_spacer node that was giving the error from the configuration after going through all the ui_nodes used and not finding the ui_spacer 2x4 node anywhere.

This cleared up the deploy error. Not sure why or how it showed up, but it seems to be fixed.

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