UI spacer problems

I've just updated to 3.x and now this problem has happened.

Not to be put off, I try to follow what I am given:

(Click on the link and Search for invalid node)

OK, so I click on it.

And now what?

This is what I see if I double click on it from the list:

I've opened it and set it to AUTO, but that doesn't fix the problem.
Where it is is 4 x 1 size or it would have been a problem before the update.
I DEPLOY with it set to AUTO, same problem.
I Force the DEPLOY and then go back and set it back to 4 x 1.
Same problem.

Sorry folks. I'm dumb.
What is the solution?

Delete it.

Probably nothing will happen to your dashboard layout but check, you may have to move things around.

Dashboard spacers are a pain, best to try and avoid them by making sure your widgets, individually or combined, fill the width of the group.

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What is rubbing me is that I don't know where it is, so it is going to be difficult to see/know if it has changed.

But shall do it anyway. (What have I got to lose?)

Nothing, because if it is a disaster then all you have to do is to revert to your backup of the flows file.

Have you checked for unused config nodes and deleted all of those?

Thanks Colin.

All good. I just don't understand why this happens.

I'm not smart enough to know the details and so can't/won't criticize NR for doing it as I am sure it is not intentional. It is just a quirk that catches people like me.

I think this was a one-off issue triggered by one of the upgrades.

Well, it isn't a one off (or maybe it is) but I have had the same problem on another machine also.

It made me ...... worried...... about updating.
Sorry. I'll stop blabbing.

I meant one-off in the sense that it was a particular update that triggered it. Once you have got past it you should not see it again on that system. It is probably a good idea to delete any unused config nodes before upgrading.

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