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I am looking for advice with using the node-red-node-ui-table node. I would like to set the BG color of cells in a column that have the value of true. I cannot seem to find the correct formatter or the formatters that are available dont seem to work in the way I expect. using this function to set the column params in a msg.ui_control field does not seem to do anything at all.

msg.ui_control = {tabulator: {columns:[  
        "field": "vals",
        "width": "30%",
        "editor": false,
        "formatter": "function(cell, formatterParams){ var value = cell.getValue(); if (value === false) { cell.getElement().css({ 'background-color': '#D31772' }); } return value; }"
return ;

Finally found an example that I was able to make sense of. Or maybe taking a break and coming back to it and the formatters and examples are clearer to me.. either way. this works
CleanShot 2023-04-22 at 23.01.01

msg.ui_control = {
    tabulator: {
        headerVisible: false,
        rowFormatter: (function (row) {
            const data = row.getData();
            if (data.vals) {
                row.getElement().style.backgroundColor = 'red';
            } else {
                row.getElement().style.backgroundColor = '';
        columns: [
                field: "vals",
                width: "30%",
                editor: false,

msg.payload = null;
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