Ui-table row with a clickable icon

I have a ui-table containing some data (regarding tasmota devices); in some cases should be necessary to proceed to delete the specific entry from the structure that containing the source informations.
Is it possibile to use a column where is inserted an icon that should be clickable that can be catchable by a following node?

Having the icons/acrions isnt currently supported, but its a great Feature Request we could support fairly easily.

Maybe even allowing users to define a group of icons and an "action" for each icon that is emitted from the node?

Actually, I use 2 icons:

  1. to link to a specific address (but not important because ui-table supports it). The icon is: "fa fa-external-link"
  2. the icon to delete the device from the structure. The icon is: "fa fa-trash"
    I use the icons on dashboard-1, that I have almost completely migrated to the fantastic dashboard-2.
    Thanks a lot, Joe