Clickable items in table-ui Dashboard 2.0

I am working with a table within dashboard 2.0 using the ui-template as described here. here I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a way I can create clickable items within the table or even add a button. I have tried:

    <template v-slot:item.action="{ item }">
        <v-btn small @click="buttonAction(item)">Click Me</v-btn>

but to no avail. Thanks

Hi @mtech171 - welcome to the community!

Two options:

  • As you have it: I'm not seeing anything obviously wrong, although, is this snippet in the context of a full v-data-table?

  • Native Functionality: I have a draft PR which will be adding a new config to the ui-table and enable them to be clickable and will emit the full item from the node. That should go into the library this week.

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