UI Template send payload at button click

Hello i have simple html that has a button,
I want the UI template to send msg.payload = "Hello World" when
button click. How am I going to do this? Is it possible? Thanks in advance!btn

What does the info panel for the ui_template say ?

Hello my friend, what do you mean by info panel?

You may need to spend some time looking at the Node-RED interface.

The info panel is the default panel showing on the right-hand side of the Editor.

Ah.. see.
you mean the debug screen?

No, that is a different panel. There are several panels that appear there. You want the one with the i

Yes yes. I knew it. Uhmm.. what should I look in here?

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OMG! Im to newbee not knowing this :crossed_fingers:
Thanks for all of your help!

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