Ui template with array of ui-gauge

Hi everyone, I'm trying to use the template component to build a dynamic array of gauge.
I'm trying this cause I have a not fixed number of sensors and I want to show their value with different gauges. I've searched a lot of resources on the web, but still didn't find how to achieve it.
I want to use ng-repeat to iterate over each element and trying to renderize the gauge, with the tag: ui-gauge. In the element inspector it looks like node-red recognized it, but miss the whole body of the component.
Here is what I'm trying to do:

<div ng-repeat="sensor in msg.payload">
    <ui-gauge style="text-align:center;"

And here the element inspector:

Another question, is there some usefull resource where I can find how to use the node-red dashboard comopnents in the template component? I've finded this resource by now:
but there isn't what I'm looking for.

Thank you all,

Short answer is you can't use the existing widgets inside a template. The template is for you to add other widgets. There are quite a few examples on this forum of people adding charts, gauges, button and tables into their own template.

However if you really want flexibility of layout then maybe look to the node-red-contrib-uibuilder which allows you tor use whatever front end framework you are comfortable with to create your dashboard.

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