Ui-time-scheduler possible bugs?

In playing with this node I noticed some possible issues or maybe I don't understandscreen 1
I set up three timers as shown in the 'overview' mode
when I go to the timer2 selection it still shows timer 1 in the first columnscreen 2

I noticed on timer3 when I am in the setup mode Friday is not highlighted or active

screen 3

yet in the overview mode it shows it as being selected

screen 4

actually I just noticed that timer 3 several days don't "line up"

is this normal operation?

Hi @shel,

That is because it is the first timer of a device that you named "Timer2". Consider renaming them if you want to control more than one device, or delete delete "Timer2" and "Timer3" from the flow editor if you only want to control one device because you can create multiple timers per device:


The screenshot above shows how timers are numbered.

Tried to copy your settings but it worked as expected and I wasn't able to reproduce:

Can you add a debug node to the top output and attach the screenshot here? You should see changes whenever you add or delete a timer.

here's the screenshot again of my setup and I'm attaching the file you save so you can see what's what.
timer 5

hope this helps, I will do the output debug next and let you know

here's the new setup
timer 6

timer 7

and the debug
[edit] changed timer3 only

timer 1
and the other screen

You were absolutely right, all days in the overview tab ignored time shifts.
It's fixed in 1.5.0 now, please let me know if this helps!

That little issue appears to be fixed, thanks for the quick response. I intend to use this node in several different places so I'll be working the node fairly hard over the next week or so. I'll let you know if something else crops up.

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Thanks for the great work. I'm using the node for our retic system with 22 stations and a pump. So far no problems with the programmed outputs. My only issue is with the overview. I had to create a separate overview to show and keep track of the separate channels. Your overview puts a lot of channels in 1 different channel. Is there a solution for this?
Thanks, Jan.



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Thanks for the feedback @janschuijling , nice to see some real world examples!

Just released a fix for this, please let me know if 1.5.1 solves the issue.


Thanks mate, looks good. The overview no shows a single entrance.
I've run into an issue I can't quite pinpoint. Maybe an error on my side.
When I program an empty channel, the days shift one up, but the output operates on the programmed day.
When I check the data file, the weekday is shifted one to the right. I've programmed Thursday and Saturday, but the file saves it as Friday and Sunday, but the actual output is on the right day (Thursday).
It's like it switched back to the first day = Sunday?

The file always saves the output in a certain way no matter what first day of the week you chose in the settings. The first number is always Sunday, the last day is always Saturday. Your example therefore stores the correct days:

Sunday: 0, Monday: 0, Tuesday: 0, Wednesday: 0, Thursday: 1, Friday: 0, Saturday: 1

Additional info: It also stores them in UTC time, so sometimes there has to be some conversation to be made. I think you are in UTC+8, right? So if you'd store a timer that runs at let's say Mondays 3am , then it would be 7pm Sundays in UTC, and the file therefore saves Sunday.

I suppose you needed to know this in order to program your own overview correctly, or is there something wrong with the ui time schedulers displaying as well?

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Nope, the ui time schedulers are displaying the right times and days. Thanks for the info it's much appreciated. I might give the conversion a go, but since you resolved the overview issues, I really don't really need it anymore :slight_smile:

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