Ui_toast feature request

I'm not sure if this is where a feature request goes, but how hard is it to add some ui_control for the notification node. It would be great to change the layout and timeout.

so you want notifications to popup in different places on the screen ? Isn't that a UI consistency nightmare ? Given there are only 4 options you could just add all four and route your message to the appropriate one.

It's more that sometimes I want a 3 second delay, and sometimes I want the notification to stay until they press ok. I can, and am, doing it with a switch, but it adds bulk to the flow. I thought that since you have the nice the ui_control feature, it might as well work for all of the properties of all dashboard nodes. Easier for the developers if it works everywhere, than to have to go somewhere to lookup where it works and where it doesn't. But, of course, I understand all about resources and priorities, so I won't feel too bad if this never happens. I love Node-RED, and have more than enough cool stuff to play with already.