ui-uPlot- Chart from Stored Data-MySql- Moved to Grafana + iframe now

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Hi, i installed and got the examples working perfectly. I need to draw the chart with stored data in a database, (MySql) but could not find any information in the forum or on web. what is the syntax and format to be used to feed uplot chart

@Christian-Me sorry for tagging, please help if you can spare some time. thanks.

I have datetime and Value1, Value2 field in MySQL database.


I have included a data set from MySQL in an inject node, i know it is not the right syntax, please let me know how to modify the syntax to suit ui-uPlot chart node

[{"id":"7d4c0bd95af778d0","type":"inject","z":"f1df79916dde251a","name":"","props":[{"p":"payload"},{"p":"topic","vt":"str"}],"repeat":"","crontab":"","once":false,"onceDelay":0.1,"topic":"","payload":"[{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 18:07\",\"m\":25},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 18:06\",\"m\":25},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 18:05\",\"m\":25},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 18:04\",\"m\":25},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 18:03\",\"m\":25},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 18:02\",\"m\":25},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 18:01\",\"m\":25},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 18:00\",\"m\":25},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 17:59\",\"m\":25},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 17:58\",\"m\":25},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 17:57\",\"m\":16},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 17:56\",\"m\":3},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 17:55\",\"m\":25},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 17:54\",\"m\":25},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 17:53\",\"m\":25},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 17:52\",\"m\":25},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 17:51\",\"m\":25},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 17:50\",\"m\":25},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 17:49\",\"m\":25},{\"Time\":\"24-02-2023 17:48\",\"m\":25}]","payloadType":"json","x":2280,"y":3480,"wires":[["e368192a78fb0111"]]}]

Is 'uplot-charts' a Node-RED node as I can't find it in the flows library??
Is it a HA node??

npm i node-red-contrib-ui-uplot-charts

I could not install it from pallete. the above install script is given in the link that i have provided in my first post. also there is some discussion about this in the linked post, but i could not understand much of it.

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@Christian-Me is this your contrib-node?

I am open to use any other chart node which can allow ZOOM in / out of the graph and allow to chart from a database. I am able to use FlexDash time series chart but then i have to cmpletely switch to FD dashboard. the chart node in the regular dashboard does not allow zooming in on chart. (at least as far as i understand)

Bringing this topic up since i am stuck and not getting much help researching the forum/web for this issue.

I don't understand, you said in the first post that you installed it and the examples work perfectly.

I was answering to daves question. I was able to install but not from node red editor. Examples work fine too. But the examples are a like for live data. I am unable to plot from data from a database.

I think you will need input from the author. You could submit an issue on the node's github page.

Looks like @Christian-Me is not active in forum since over an year.

The purpose i am looking at other chart nodes is to get the 'zoomable' option in a line graph. the built in ui-chart node in dashboard has no such feature. i have tried flexdash and it works, but i am forced to move the entire dashboard to FD just for one feature. I do have a FD dashboard for another instance running. Grafana is also an option, but that is again going away from dashboard. i am currently studying how to get grafana in to dashboard, but currently it is looking like a daunting task

You can run grafana in an iframe I believe.

Yes, I am on the same path now, but as i said, i need to get familiar with grafana first and then bring it into dashboard.

Is it difficult to get the zoom option with a template node ?

Successfully imported grafana into my NR dashboard through i-frame

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