Uibuilder and uplot-vue

I'd like to use the uplot-vue npm module with uibuilder but I can't figure out how to load the uplot-vue.js file build-less from the installed npm module. I get stuck in packaging format hell, it seems. Can some kind soul produce a simple example that instantiates a <uplotvue> component?

They have made it extremely difficult to use. You will need to run it through webpack to get a usable output. It also uses TypeScript just to make things even harder.

The npm package doesn't have a readme but I found a little information here, not much to go on.

skalinichev/uplot-wrappers: React and Vue.js wrappers for uPlot that allow you to work with charts declaratively inside your favorite framework (github.com)

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Thanks for checking, so it's not just my own ignorance... I'm just gonna write my own wrapper...