Uibuilder - Changing the size of html elements when deploying frontend codes

UIbuilder changes the size of HTML elements in my frontend code when deploying. What is the reason?
My html body out of uibuilder is 1862*1040 and in uibuilder is 1551*1034.
Even when I did not use uIbuilder and used template node, it still reduces the width of the window.

Not very clear, you should post the code. Are you using any css file that is changing the size of your body?

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Have you used the default CSS file? That imports a uibuilder default CSS which can be helpful for novices but not for people wanting to take full control.

No, I deleted the default CSS file.
I have css file which is 3000 lines, can't upload here.
My question is why all my html elements are resized. It's like zooming in!

Oh my god!
The problem was that UI Builder opens my browser window at 120% and I don't know why! It's very strange

Not a uibuilder issue, a browser issue.

uibuilder is simply a helper library on the client side, it doesn't do anything clever unless you ask it to. Zooming the client is not a uibuilder feature :smiley:

Thank you TotallyInformation
You're an expert in NR!

Of course, he is uibuilder's author!

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