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I use the zero-code forms node, and need help changing the size of the form widget on my website. Its too wide.
Are there some hidden css or html file in uibuilder where i can change size of the form widget?

So far i have edited uib-brand.css file. After update it didnt work as i expected.

I figured it out. It is infact uib-brand.ccs to change size of forms and other zero-code widgets. The mistake was i forgot px behind 500, so my browser didnt read it correctly. Just syntax problem in other words.

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Cool. Well done for working it out. Don't forget that your browser's dev tools are absolutely essential for helping you work out CSS and other issues as well.

Just to forwarn you, the next release of uibuilder does make some changes to the zero-code form structure. I needed to do that to make it more accessible and more flexible. So the next release uses a flex layout. This should be a lot better as the form is able to have more types on it. And it should adjust to narrow screens better as well.

Not sure when the next release will be ready. Just a bit too busy this summer to finish off all the bits needed. But hopefully later in the summer or early autumn.

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