Flexbox css styling on no-code elements in uibuilder problem

Hello. Flexbox css dont work on my uib element forms. My UIbuilder dashboard have a mix of no code html (uib-element forms) and html code.

Whatever i write in index.css override defaults styling in uibuilders standard css file. Which is one of uibuilders best feautures imo. However this does not work when i want to style no code with flexbox.

I make flexbox div/container in html code, then apply styling but it doesnt seem to work.

Any suggestions? How would u normally apply flexbox css styling on no code stuff in uibuilder.


Hi there, just to set the scene, I can say for sure that flex and grid layouts do work with the uib-brand.css (and thanks for the nice comment by the way. :grinning: ). Indeed, I've been playing this evening trying to improve the uib form layouts using flexbox as I've just thrown together a staff search function from our HR data. Still not got the css quite right though I'm afraid.

However, CSS isn't always obvious and the specifity rules can easily catch you out - they do me very often.

I tend to have to use one of the online flexbox tools to get the basic CSS sorted.

If you can share some example HTML and CSS, I'm sure that I or one of the much bigger brains on the forum will be able to help.

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