Uibuilder - first "official" video

I know folk have sometimes asked for videos explaining how to use uibuilder. Well, here is the first from me. :grin:

It isn't very good I'm afraid and was somewhat spur of the moment. I also need to learn more about the tools as I can see that the uploaded video quality isn't brilliant for some reason, though the original media was fine.

Feedback and any help on producing better tutorials would be very welcome.

For anyone interested, I used OBS Studio to capture the original desktop output and audio then edited it in VideoProc Vlogger.


You didn't include the 2 minute segment to talk about the sponsor, neither was I forced to watch an advert every 1 minute! :wink:

But other than that - Nice work!

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Haha! Maybe when I've got my million subscribers it will be different! :thinking:

Thanks. Got me started anyway, I need to do more. Especially around the zero-/low-code features which are sufficiently different to other node-red dashboards to warrant some explanation.

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Nice introduction to Uibuilder Julian :+1:
Looking forward to episode 2!


Well let me know if there is something you would like me to cover specifically and I'll add it to the list.

Really useful introduction. Nice work.

Excellent tutorial Julian .. well paced and very informative :+1:

Great Video, very informative. I really like this ui-builder concept as a whole and slowly learning it to use more and more. Your videos (this one and much awaited next one) will really help me. Thanks for your efforts and hardwork.

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Well, let me know if you have a preference for something to cover :grin:

I'll probably cover the low-code methods next (sending a msg containing a msg._ui configuration property that auto-builds HTML) since that should help a fair few people. But I'm open to doing something different.

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If you can have an elaborated video over data exchange with node red, that will be great. For example, how to handle data from Forms, dynamically modify CSS class for HTML elements, fetching data from databases (mysql etc.) and populating to tables built using ui_builder and so on. It may sound primitive but for intermediate learners, these can be really helpful. Thanks.

Thanks for the suggestions. Just added them to the list. Will see what I can do.

Not at all, these are helpful subjects.