Uibuilder next release preview - Use zero-code with http-in/-out and Dashboard!

Hi all, bit of a tease for the bank-holiday (in the UK) weekend. :blush:



Here you see a uibuilder node being used without uibuilder!

The new uib-html node does - at the server - what the uibuilder client does in the browser. Hydrate msg._ui configuration data to HTML.

This means that you can use uibuilder's zero-code nodes (uib-element, uib-tag, uib-update) or hand-crafted _ui data with http-in/http-out or ui_template nodes.

As always, you can test this out by installing uibuilder from GitHub.

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Some further updates just pushed to GitHub.

A new element type for uib-element that lets you send Markdown which is automatically rendered in the front-end as HTML as long as you have loaded the Markdown-IT library. Examples in the updated documentation.

I didn't make explicit in the last post that the code that turns the low-code JSON config into full HTML and manages the DOM for you is now a separate class library called ui.js. This library is available both for standalone use in other browser projects but is also available as a node.js module.

As a consequence, you can now build your own custom nodes or incorporate the low-code capabilities into other projects outside of Node-RED if you want to. Eventually, I will be publishing this in its own npm package for both the browser and node.js. The code is, as usual, licensed as Apache 2.0 so you are free to use anywhere including in commercial projects.